Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like. – David Alan Harvey

Exercise (Practical)

Low Key Photography Class at Nikonian Academy

Salam !

Hi guys ! So sorry this blog was without any updates for quite a while.  My life schedule was so super pack these few months but the love for photography never dies.

Rewinding back to few week back , at Nikonian Academy ( at Kota Damansara) , we held a Low Key Photography Class . Together with 3 students , a model and me as the trainer we have a jolly good time experimenting and exploring the Low Key concept. Class started at 11 am with a very brief theory class ( about 15 minutes) , we all head up for the studio for the practical shot session. Accompanied with model Yuel, we started to create images based on multiple light setting and try out some ideas that pops up during the session.

Ashfa, James and Illa learned very fast and also took beautiful pictures that day 😉  I took some pictures of them having fun in the class and before the day end, I managed to also get a photo for myself :

See u guys in the next posting ! 😉