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Fujifilm X100S : My 2013 Personal Favorite Pictures

Salam and Good Day !

Since I first laid my eyes and tried to use my brother’s Fuji X100 last 2 years , I cannot forget that particular special feeling about the camera. Within the small, compact, retro-designed body , lies some of the great technology that enables many photographers around the world to notice this tiny beast.

Of course there are some minor flaws using the X100 ( you guys can read it in other detailed camera review blogs/ websites) , but the overall combination of the size and the technologies enables some of us to greatly multiply our chances to make more and more photographs.

After many months of many comparison studies , finally in January 2013 I bought the upgraded version of this camera : The Fujifilm X100S. Some of the major flaws in the previous version has been greatly improved ( especially the speed of the autofocus and the start up time ) . Some additional features also have been added such as the new manual focus aid : Digital Split Image and Focus Peaking.

And yes, many other improvements.

And thus, began the greatest love story between me and my Fuji X100S throughout 2013. This small wonder accompanied me trough the streets of Kuala Lumpur, during family gatherings, endured the coldness in South Korea, hanging strong while I endured the bustling crowd of Pasar Baru Bandung, being a friend during my coffee and cendol breaks , speedy boat rides in Langkawi Island and many many more places.

And in my personal  opinion, the best thing to compliment this wonderful images from this camera, is by using the VSCO Film pack for the post processing.

The result is phenomenal. Absolutely mind blowing.

So my friends, I present to you, my 2013 personal favorite pictures.

by super tag-team : Me, Fujifilm X100s and VSCO Film.


Cendol break at Taiping.


A smile and a very serious uncle, Jalan Pudu KL 2013


Tradition blooms. Central Market 2013


Favorite niece, Danish. Inside the elevator of The Gardens KL 2013


Waiting for sun to set. Langkawi 2013


Sea adventurer resting. Langkawi 2013


Coffee Break. Rawang 2013


Two generations catching up the memories. Pontian Johor 2013


One of the greatest cendol vendor in the world. Period. Penang 2013


Love of my life. Mengkuang Dam 2013


Danish’s little brother : Daniel. Port Dickson 2013


Wooden Jetty. Port Dickson 2013


Snow at airport. Friend or foe ? Busan 2013


Fish Market at Busan. Absolute freshness. Busan 2013


A Hot Chocolate break. Sungai Petani 2013


It will be always her. Sungai Petani 2013


Love at Tangkuban Perahu tea field. Bandung 2013


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  1. hat last tu ingat kat Cameron Higland ;p

    February 10, 2014 at 10:03

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