Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like. – David Alan Harvey

Inspired Eye Magazine : Truly an inspiration

Salam !

I love pictures. It was a passion that starts a long time ago since I was a kid. Pictures have some magical powers on me. It conveys message effortlessly. It brings tears. It makes me smile. It opened the memory’s avalanche , that sometimes I feel I can smell the fresh baked pizza at streets of Venice, hear the big waves come crashing to the shores of Kuta Beach, and the extreme hot summer sun heating up my skins at Rome.

Yes, for me, a single pictures do tell a lot. More than a thousand words.

I get my daily doses on inspirations mostly by the blogs that I’ve followed, the fantastic Tumblr, Pinterest cool collections, a-must-opened-daily Ipad/Iphone apps which is Flipboard , the recently enhanced Flickr and also some cool websites that never ceased to amaze me.

Recently I found an absolute amazing digital magazine for photographers .

The Inspired Eye.

I’ve read many magazines related to photography, but this one is no like other. It inspired me, opened up some new fresh perspective to me regarding street photography and of course the most important thing of all : SUPER PICTURES. Absolutely amazing interview sessions with some of the amazing photographers. The layout of this digital magazine is clean and simple, and the Interactive elements embedded in it opened up newer vaults of inspirations worldwide:)

I already downloaded the 1st Issue for FREE into my Ipad . I strongly u guys also download it via the website here.

The second issue is out now and of course I gonna get it !

DSCF0656 DSCF0657


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