Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like. – David Alan Harvey

From the lense of my Iphone

Salam !


When some times i cannot afford to lung around my D90, when the perfect time presented itself , I’m lucky to have my phone around. There are moments that i prefer to walk around without having my DSLR hanging on my neck. Just walk to enjoy the view, just walk appreciating beautiful things around me, just walk to hold my wife’s hand, just walk for the sake of just walking 😉

These are some recent pictures taken by my phone and edited mainly using Snapseed and VSCO Cam .

Enjoy 😉


Pantai Tok Bali – beautiful stretch of white beach waiting for us that morning. Only the two of us walking hand by hand. Beautiful memories.


Picture taken by my wife one Saturday morning while i was waiting to start my 1st ever mountain bike ride as far as 42 km with our fellow friends


Concrete Jungle – middle of Bukit Bintang


A kitten waiting for me to make my next move upstairs my apartment.


Nothing ain’t holding me dreaming of my future


Rest between the rounds – catching his breath – calculating his next move. (Picture taken by my wife)


Another shot of Bukit Bintang concrete jungle


Light Leaks – grilled windows


Get in the RING !!! – picture taken by my wife –


2 responses

  1. Handphone sekarang dah canggih2 tapi still tak leh lawan DSLR Nikon D90. Gambar mantap2 semua.

    June 12, 2012 at 22:00

    • Alhamdulillah bos, tq. Pasni nak post guna Fuji x10 plak heheh. My wife’s camera

      June 22, 2012 at 08:16

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