Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like. – David Alan Harvey

Short trip to Kota Bahru feat. pit stop at Banding Lake

Salam & beautiful day ,

Almost every school holiday , my father and some of his best buddies came out with a holiday plan involving 4-5 families making roadtrips around Peninsular Malaysia. This time , the plan was to travel to Kelantan and Terengganu. Departed from Penang, we travel along the old roads from Kulim to Baling to Gerik to Tasik Banding then to Kelantan before continuing to Terengganu.

I was 9 years old that day. And was sleeping all the way while my father steered us carefully trough the winding road. Sometimes when I woke up , I peeked trough the car’s window and all I see was a dense forest on my left also on my right side. The trees was tall and quite creepy , looming upwards blocking the sun so the road was always in shades. Nothing else to do and see, I continued to sleep beside my brother.

When I was adjusting my head while battling the sleepiness , suddenly my mother shrugged my legs and said :

“Open your eyes – we’re crossing Banding Lake ”

We were crossing a bridge stretching across the lake. I remembered the water was so calm , the sun’s reflection somehow looks like dancing on the emerald water . I was soo small that time and I remembered the lake was soo big and beautiful. And the memories remains in my head until this very day. And I longed to see it one more time someday in the future.

Present day.

We took some day off from work to travel to Kelantan that weekend. Started our journey around 5.30 pm, it was pitch black when we arrived at Banding Lake around 8.00 pm so I cannot see the lake. We then continued to Kelantan , meeting and chatting with my wife’s families and took some time visiting my father in law’s final resting place in Kok Lanas. Al Fatihah to him.

We spend the night in Sudara Beach Resort in Tok Bali Beach , a quite remote resort near the beach . Big rooms , very near to the beach where  we  can clearly hear the waves pounding the beach while we’re resting. The Rhu trees were tall , the beach was beautiful , empty at that day when we walked bare footed and holding hands and taking pictures.

From Kelantan, we started our journey back to Penang at noon. And at around 4.00 pm , we reached Banding Lake.

Banding Lake was still beautiful as I remembered it. Having our late lunch in Sidai Cafe at Belum Rainforest Resort , the view from the cafe was magnificent. So we enjoyed some time there before headed back to Penang.

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