Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like. – David Alan Harvey

Routine change is good sometimes

Salam & Good Morning

If my marking on my calendar were right, today will be my 11th day working non stop , and it’s only half way before I can take my weekend leave.

Routine sometimes bored me. It’s true. What ever i do in my life , i sometimes tends to break the routine , try something new , and proceed with the new thing if it is better than the old routine . Or if things went haywire so there i am back to the old ways of doing thing 🙂

I rarely break big lifechanging routine ways of doing things – I prefer the small everyday things done daily in my life . Such as I never use the same road everyday to go to work , and sometimes I just wake up super early in the morning and have my breakfast at my local mamak’s joint before go to work. Or read a different daily newspaper. Or hear a different radio station 🙂

Randomness can open new doors in life.


Cigarette after meal


Teh Tarik – usually ‘kurang manis ‘ or ‘less sugar’ for me




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