Featured in Dunia Kamera Magazine April 2012

Salam to all my beloved friends :)

During browsing the internet last few years , i found a very interesting quote by one of the world’s top photographer in his blog. Using his iPhone via Amazing Type-writer apps , Chase Jarvis wrote : “Find your thing and do that thing better than anybody else does that thing even if you think that thing has no value because I promise you that it does. And I promise you that other people will see this value too.”  

The link is http://blog.chasejarvis.com/blog/2011/12/find-your-thing-and-do-that-thing/

This quote stuck in my head since i read it in December 24th until this very moment I’m writing this entry for Fotomamu. And from that day, I believed in it.

Having a photography blog was like having another part time job. What ever you do, never leave your blog void of updates more than 1 week ( as being told by some world top bloggers) , and I try to stick with that consistency. And of course , due to never ending demand our our busy work schedule and life routine, I also sometimes missed to update my blog ;(

But still I forced myself to have new materials to update my blog at least once a week, and to do that I started to bring my camera and my iPhone everywhere I go. I force myself to see ‘photo-opportunities’ everywhere I go ( or where ever I am).  And I started to see things differently , I stopped to see everything , I discovered new details in familiar places, and find an unexplained joy going to new places and trying new things in my life. And I poured all of the experiences in my Fotomamu.

Last February I got a message from Dunia Kamera’s journalist Mohd Khairil to meet up for a quick interview session to be featured in the magazine. And of course for a small time photographer like me , I was shocked and overwhelmed :) . We meet up at KLCC and have a nice chat and after some emails , finally I was featured in the magazine April 2012’s issue. One of the important thing I got to know that I was found trough this blog.

Thank you to Majalah Dunia Kamera for this chance of a lifetime.

For my dearest wife Nur Hidayah, thank you for always being there for me, supporting my ever growing passion for photography. And special thanks to Andrew Boey  , my photography sifoo also the Director of Nikonian Academy where I learned mostly all of my photography skills , my friends who were always supported me ( whether you guys realize it or not hehe) .

Yet I am nobody , I am just an ordinary guy who like to take pictures (very very much)


Thank you

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18 thoughts on “Featured in Dunia Kamera Magazine April 2012

  1. Mamu..naek bulu roma Nakia baca..you did a great job bro! tahniah dan semoga lebih maju jaya

  2. So, you have found & bougth the magazine? Ingat nak beli satu for myself. Mana nak beli? Anyway, congratulation bro.. people noticed your fine work and creativity.

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