Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like. – David Alan Harvey

Instagram says : Hello Android ! and thank for the One Billion , Mark

salam 🙂

Hi guys !

Facebook has announced that it will be acquiring Instagram worth the one billion dollar tag. Wow ! Recently after Instagram hit 30 million users April 2012 , they also invite our Android friends to join in the party – so the impact of Instagram now goes up exponentially sky rocketing to another level.

Good news – now we all can share our pictures with more and more people , and of course this will open up many many new doors (of instagram-related-apps, printing services where u can morph ur instagram pictures to amazing , cute , creative prints and sooo much more)

Well , as for me , my busy work schedule don’t always allow me to bring my D90 everywhere i go – but as long as i have my Iphone with me in my pockets – foto opportunity can be neatly seized at any given time of the day where ever i am 🙂

So in this entry i will share some more of my pictures taken via Instagram .



A corner in Aeon Rawang's Starbuck !


Delicious !


POV : Penchala Link's Tunnel


At the end of a very quite corridor at a local Hospital


An old untie walking slowly to cross an ever busy road of Malacca Town


Fish in an aquarium at a local budget hotel at Malacca Town


Everyday busy at a pedestrian crossing at Bukit Bintang


Waiting to cross , follow the yellow


Having my fried rice against the sunset


Love the cool interior concept at Nando's


At KLIA - counting the planes perhaps ?


Beautiful and majestic skies

To all my Android friends , welcome to the Instagram !!

I can be found at @fazriani

Thank u and see u guys again !



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